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    • Web Hosting

    • "Here we will find a secured public web server space for publishing the designed web pages. A place where your data is safe along with your emails"

    • How reliable is your web hosting company?

      At W3infotech we are reliable in Middle East especially in QATAR and you can go through our client database in Qatar and Middle East.

      How safe your database & emails hosted with them?

      W3infotech’s ethical values lead us to choose those policies or actions that will protect the interests and rights of our clients and also we do sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients or web hosting partners.

      What uptime they give?

      W3infotech guarantee 99.9% uptime for our servers.

      Where do they host?

      W3infotech use facilities of one of the best hosting companies in Europe on their US and UK located Data Centre.

      Web Server hosted at US and UK based data centre under the best UK based hosting partner.

      • 99.9 % assured uptime for web and email hosting servers.
      • Single-sign-on for multiple domain web hosting for group companies.
      • Secured SSL login for every email user to change their password.
      • Authenticated SMTP and POP3 Access to send and receive emails.
      • Secured exclusive administrative login account for web site hosting.
      • Different access passwords for Email administration and FTP.
      • Different email clients to access web mail.
      • Spam Email Filtering

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