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    • About us

    • We firmly believe that our success is directly linked to how much we contribute to helping you achieve your business objectives today and in the future.

    About us
    • Routedge as an organization has been formed when the world has been witnessing a move towards change . . . and today the pace of this latter is accelerating more than ever. We are in the midst of at least two enormous waves sweeping over the business world that will change it forever. Globalization and the Internet are both essentially driven by the same need . . . the need of every institution . . . every individual . . . every company… to find . . . cultivate . . . and use . . . intellectual capital. Distinctions based on race . . . nationality . . . or gender will succumb to the very best. Understanding the heart beat of Qatar…

    • We

      Routedge is an Information Technology Company formed in 2007 specializing in Software /Applications within Intranet and Internet environments. Our Skilled IT managers provide web based information technology (IT) expertise that can greatly benefit your business. Our service includes Domain name registration, Web hosting, Email hosting, Web design development, dedicated server hosting in Windows/Linux platforms, IT outsourcing, helpdesk Support and Monitoring. Routedge supports enterprises and organizations of nearly all sizes with custom-made online products, solutions and services which offer customers the highest degree of availability, scalability manageability and security in the Information Technology business.

      Together with our customers we design and implement individual solutions that help optimize business processes by development and deployment of online software. With our professional services we offer support in the area of information technology, from initial consulting to the implementation of a solution.
    • Our Focus

      Our Focus is always on the advantage of the customer and this means the integration of most creative designs with advanced technology ,keeping marketability of the product or service in mind with highest priority on after sales support, Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing.
    • Business Philosophy

      We firmly believe that our success is directly linked to how much we contribute to helping you achieve your business objectives today and in the future. We ensure that our solutions have the potential to increase your profitability and maximize the value of the solution by helping you operate efficiently and minimize the time you spend on support issues. We maintain a strong quality assurance program, with an emphasis on product performance and reliability.
    • Business Challenges

      External forces such as competitive markets and rapid advancements in technology, as well as internal barriers such unreliable software, legacy Applications, lack of expertise, resource shortages and information deficiencies — all seem to require immediate attention for today's businesses to survive! That’s why Routedge is here for you. Our Satisfaction stems from adequately fulfilling your Information technology needs. Whether you are striving to stay ahead of the competition, building your strategic systems or require development, deployment and management products, or extending the capabilities of your existing system, we offer online business Solutions— from Consulting to Support Services.

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