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  • Every website will have different objectives while every website owner will have set different goals for it. Every website designed and developed is specifically done to achieve these goals. Following could be the reasons for designing a website and its existence.
  • buttet Web design intended to product brand awareness bullets
    buttet Website to market detailed product information bullets
    buttet Website design that targets communities around the globe bullets
    buttet Website to provide the latest new product or service information to customers bullets
    buttet Web design that markets you personally bullets
    buttet Website developed to make money from an online business
  • It's clear that a business orientated website designing will be more objective in its goals than a website designing meant for a personal nature but the website must have a reason for existing.

    Routedge also want a way of knowing if your website is performing its goal(s) as intended. It would be beneficial to the site's owner to get visitor feedback. A simple way is to simply ask or gauge from visitors through a feedback form or a survey.

    Routedge also suggest in determining website purpose previously, to dedicate a page in the form of a mission statement. If you decide to do this, you can list your site goals and objectives here also. That way, your visitors will clearly know what your site is trying to do for them!

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